Process Modelling

Don Computing has 14 years of experience in process modeling, and currently, Don Computing has access to both commercial and open source code to offer process simulation, production modeling, detailed design calculation, coupling with different application software, optimisation, 3-D animation of the process modeling, report writing on related process simulation. Don Computing uses Visual Basic, Excel, Matlab, Maple, mathematics to couple with this software to make the solution more usable and efficient.

Engineering Design & CAD Development

Production of Styrene Butadiene

Mesh Grid & Property Development

Production of Hydrogen J

Verification & Validation Development

Process Design in Manufacturing of liquid nitrogen

Model Development and Customization

CO2-CH4-C2H6 phase diagrams guide CO2

Reservoir & EOR Simulation Development

PVT diagram for cryogenic liquid.

Molecular Modeling & Material Development

Production of Polyethylene Terephthalate.


Process Modeling & Automation Development

Ammonia production Plant design: Ammonia converter.

Data Solution & Management

Acetic Acid and Methanol Production: Reactor and pump design.

CFD & FEA Model Development

Design of CO2 Capture System at Natural Gas Reserves.

CFD & FEA Model Automation

A shrinking-core model approach to the design of a natural gas desulphurization unit.

Cloud Computing, GNU & HPC

Cryogenic processes for deep LNG recovery.

Customization of Code & Validation

Optimization of Food and Oil Palm Waste for Biomethane Production by Anaerobic Digestion.

The most amazing experience ever I had with Don Computing Engineers. Understood the engineering and physics and automation process of simulation.

Atia Roksana

Founder & CEO, Green Corner

Don Computing uses very powerful tool which once mastered has great potential in analysing many physical situations which cannot be modelled easily with physical prototypes. 

Philip Swincer

Adelaide University

Don Computing has talented engineers who want to enjoy the companionship of science, environment, and engineering, more open in sharing. 

Dr Shahnaz Alam

KL Malaysia

Don Computing takes client on a dark, twisted and hilarious journey into the automation world of environmental engineering modeling.

Ridwan Hasan

Head of Computing, HPC, Germany