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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a part of liquid mechanics that utilizations numerical investigation and information structures to dissect and take care of issues that include liquid Don Computing has combined 40 years of experience of various computing solution. In CFD, the assessment of fluid stream as per its physical properties, for example, speed, pressure, temperature are calculated based on conservation law. Don Computing is the leader of CFD as it offers CFD on cloud computing/GNU and CFD automation.

CFD Biomedical Application

Blood separation using spiral filtration, nasal drug delivery, flow through vein, artificial heart design.

CFD Multiphase Application

Vortex-induced vibration, diesel engine combustion, Heterogeneousmagnetic biocatalyst, fluidised bed reactors.

CFD CO2 Application

CO2 absorption in nano-absorbents, water-based nanofluids, coalgasification CFD-DEM study.

CFD Sour Gas Application

Non-equilibrium condensation of HS, erosion effect of S particles inhigh sour gas fields.

CFD EOR Application

CO separation using supersonic flow, miscible thermo-viscous fingering, chemical flooding EOR.

CFD Membrane Application

PBI osmosis membrane, Ion exchange membrane, hollow fibre membrane, ionic electric membrane reactors.

CFD H2 Application

Multi-tubular reaction, decompression of H2-NG in high pressure,under-expanded H Jet, Membrane separation, screw H extruder.

CFD Solar Application

Solar drum, solar gasification, solar photovoltaic system, solardistiller heater, effect of dust deposition on solar panel.

CFD Rheology Application

Material Rheology and Die Walls Translational Motions onthe Dynamics of Viscous Flow during Equal Channel AngularExtrusion through a Segal 2d- Die.

CFD Multiscale Application

A shrinking-core model approach to the design of a natural gas desulphurization unit.

CFD Turbo machinery Application

Stream field examination of quick impeccable gas turbo-expander for cryogenic refrigeration and liquefaction cycles

CFD Green Application

A wave – energy converter (WEC) is a machine capable of exploiting wave power, green building, wind power..

The most amazing experience ever I had with Don Computing Engineers. Understood the engineering and physics and automation process of simulation.

Atia Roksana

Founder & CEO, Green Corner

Don Computing uses very powerful tool which once mastered has great potential in analysing many physical situations which cannot be modelled easily with physical prototypes. 

Philip Swincer

Adelaide University

Don Computing has talented engineers who want to enjoy the companionship of science, environment, and engineering, more open in sharing. 

Dr Shahnaz Alam

KL Malaysia

Don Computing takes client on a dark, twisted and hilarious journey into the automation world of environmental engineering modeling.

Ridwan Hasan

Head of Computing, HPC, Germany