Computing, Design, Optimization, Automation

Don Computing offers smart solution of Continuity, Momentum and Energy Equation, Process modeling, reservoir simulation. We have 20 years of simulation expertise from fundamental to complex multi phase flow, including automation. For model buildup, Mesh Buildup, Customization of Model, Verification and Validation of Model, Automation of model and Quality Video production, Contact Don Computing. 

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For Computing, Design, Optimization and Automation

Engineering Design & CAD Development

Don Computing uses solution based automation for CAD design and optimisation…

Mesh Grid & Property Development

Don Computing own multiple cutting edge technology to build mesh and property based database to model material…

Verification & Validation Development

Don Computing is pioneer of Verificaation and Validation is ALL kind of engineering desings…

Model Development and Customization

Multi-physics based models and user friendly GUI add on with an existing commercial code or open source code…

Reservoir & EOR Simulation Development

Reservoir and EOR simulation are automated in both repeatatve and optimisation…

Molecular Modeling & Material Development

Using graphical 3D visulation based on computational chemistry and molecular theory, materials are selected…

Process Modeling & Automation Development

Quick, accurate process modeling with validation at every step of design with automation….

Data Solution & Management

Deal with and manage the full data life-cycle, analysis, data filter, multi usage..

CFD & FEA Model Development

Complex model used in CFD and FEA, open source or commercial from the scratch or messed up models…

CFD & FEA Model Automation

Don Computing does model development and automation in one package..

Cloud Computing, GNU & HPC

Don Computing looks after secure computing on cloud, GNU and HPC….

Customization of Code & Validation

For special use of code, the general code need to be altered with validation…

The most amazing experience ever I had with Don Computing Engineers. Understood the engineering and physics and automation process of simulation.

Atia Roksana

Founder & CEO, Green Corner

Don Computing uses very powerful tool which once mastered has great potential in analysing many physical situations which cannot be modelled easily with physical prototypes. 

Philip Swincer

Adelaide University

Don Computing has talented engineers who want to enjoy the companionship of science, environment, and engineering, more open in sharing. 

Dr Shahnaz Alam

KL Malaysia

Don Computing takes client on a dark, twisted and hilarious journey into the automation world of environmental engineering modeling.

Ridwan Hasan

Head of Computing, HPC, Germany