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Don Computing specialise in computer simulation using hpc to solve complex problem. Don Computing believes in close collaboration with industries and delivers the benefit of computer simulation. Don Computing believes in research and collaboration, innovation and opportunity, bringing the industry and researcher together. Don Computing boasts the highest concentration of research and collaboration in simulation across the globe. Be part of it!

In today’s context of strong competitiveness, Don Computing is facing greater challenges  than ever before. The market demands that more complex problems to be solved with shorter  time with efficient cost effectiveness. With partnership and collaborative efforts, Don Computing is capable to tackle this challenge.

Don Computing has collaborated with software, industry, and university partners  to establish the world-class hub of research and collaboration in simulation of four areas: CFD, FEA, Process Modeling, EOR. Don Computing offers a collaborative research and development (R&D)  program and comprehensive hands-on training built around a portfolio of non-proprietary, high-fidelity, real-time  dynamic simulators.

Don computing performs CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/EOR Simulation research at various Universities and Research Institutes. Don computing offers the following (not limited to):

  • Supervision of CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/EOR Simulation project for any institute (short term) for credit and publications.
  • Customization of commercial CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/EOR Simulation software (UDF, UDS, user scalar).
  • Culture research environment.
  • Computational test of new CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/EOR Simulation problem.
  • Develop models of specific CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/EOR Simulation problem.

Don Computing has collaborative efforts with few leading Universities and Simulation Research labs. Don Computing does collaboration for Education, Research, Consulting, specially does the followings:

  • Collaborative supervision for the students (short term).
  • Collaborative training (1-tp-1 or small groups) of most popular commercial CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/Reservoir Modeling packages (customised for specific purpose).
  • Collaborative customization the CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/Reservoir Modeling code (commercial or open code) to suit a specific problem.
  • Collaborative post-processing (animations, paper writings, patent writings, book writings).

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