Process Modeling User Forum

This a user forum of process modeling users all over the world. Software users like “Alph” “APMonitor Modeling Language” “ASCEND” “Aspen HYSYS” “ASSETT, D-SPICE and K-Spice ” “CADSIM Plus ” “CHEMASIM” “CHEMCAD ” “COCO ” “COMSOL ” “Design II ” “Distillation Expert Trainer ” “DWSIM ” “EcosimPro” “EMSO” “Dymola” “FlowManager” “GIBBSim” “gPROMS ” “HSC Sim ” “INDISS ” “ICAS” “IDEAS ” “ISE Simulator ” “Jacobian ” “LIBPF” “Mobatec Modeller” “Omegaland” “OpenModelica” “PIPE-FLO Professional ” “PottersWheel Matlab toolbox ” “Prode Sim” “ProSimulator ” “ProSimPlus ” “PETROX” “ProMax” “PRO/II, DYNSIM & ROMeo” “RecoVR ” “Sim42” “SimCreate ” “Simulis ” “SPEEDUP ” “SolidSim ” “SuperPro Designer” “SysCAD” “System7” “UniSim Design & Shadow Plant” “Usim Pac ” “VMGSim” and or code developers (using matlab, maple, mathematica, C++, fortran) can post question and answers with image and video and case and data file in this forum.

The area should cover (not limited to):

  • Oil characterizationOil Gas Separation Plant.
  • Two-stage compression.
  • Acid gas sweetening with DEA.
  • Natural gas dehydration with TEG.
  • Black Oil Flow sheeting and Translation.
  • Flow Assurance calculations in pipe segment operations.
  • Amine Sweetening and COCapture.
  • Integrated Gas Plant.
  • Optimization and Parametric study: MS excel.
  • Absorption of acid gas and sulfur species.
  • Model for separation processes such as cryogenic, refrigeration, lean.
  • The Homogenization of Water in Diesel Emulsion.
  • Property stencil to add user definable functionality.


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