Process Modeling Software

Don Computing is in discussion to sell is a steady state and dynamics process simulation package X, used by engineers to design and optimise the gas processing, refining and chemical industries, oil well simulation, hydrate formation condition, dew and bubble point calculation. It has over 100 thermodynamics packages and 2500 pure components, OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) automation and oil characterization. Don Computing has used software X for the following (but not limited to):

  • Modeling Amine Sweetening and CO2 Capture Units.

  • Integrated Gas Plant & Gas Treating Unit Modeling.

  • Integrating Microsoft Excel with software x for Optimization and Parametric Analyses.

  • Using improved electrolytic property packages, absorption of acid gas compounds and sulfur species.

  • Model for separation processes such as cryogenic, refrigeration, lean.

  • Oil Characterization, Oil Gas Separation Plant.

  • Two-Stage Compression.

  • Acid Gas Sweetening with DEA.

  • Natural Gas Dehydration with TEG.

  • Black Oil Modeling and Black Oil Flow sheeting and Translation.

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