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Process Modeling Consulting

Don Computing has 15 years’ experience in process modelling, and Don Computing provides various kind of process modelling solutions to clients including (but not limited to):

  • Corrosion, erosion, scaling, wax (evaluation, prevention, mitigation, remediation).
  • Front end engineering design (FEED)
  • Steady state and transient thermo-hydraulic simulations.
  • CO2-CH4-C2H6 phase diagrams guide CO2
  • PVT diagram for cryogenic liquid.
  • Production of Polyethylene Terephthalate.
  • Ammonia production Plant design: Ammonia converter.
  • Acetic Acid and Methanol Production: Reactor and pump design.
  • Design of CO2 Capture System at Natural Gas Reserves.
  • A shrinking-core model approach to the design of a natural gas desulphurization unit.
  • Cryogenic processes for deep LNG recovery.
  • Optimization of Food and Oil Palm Waste for Biomethane Production by Anaerobic Digestion.
  • Recovering Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from Upstream Flue Gas/Natural Gas Using Amine/Ionic Liquids / Advance Materials / Nanomaterials.
  • Biocatalytic Transformation of Nucleoside Derivatives: Isolation and Characterization of Nucleoside Phosphorylases.
  • Validation of CO2 absorption in the aqueous amine solution.
  • Modification of TiO2 for degradation of environmental pollutants.
  • Monitoring the Leakage of CO2 in Underground Geological Storage.
  • Oil characterization, Oil Gas Separation Plant.
  • Two-stage compression.
  • Acid gas sweetening with DEA.
  • Natural gas dehydration with TEG.
  • Black Oil Flow sheeting and Translation.
  • Flow Assurance calculations in pipe segment operations.
  • Amine Sweetening and CO2 Capture.
  • Integrated Gas Plant.
  • Optimization and Parametric study: MS excel.
  • Absorption of acid gas and sulfur species.
  • Model for separation processes such as cryogenic, refrigeration.
  • The Homogenization of Water in Diesel Emulsion.
  • Property stencil to add user definable functionality.

Please contact Don Computing for a quotation for Process Modeling Consulting.

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