CAE/CFD Automation, CFD, FEA, Process Modeling, Reservoir Simulation, Molecular Modeling

MH370 Engineering

Don Computing would like to offer engineering studies on the MH370.


  • Engineering Studies of post master.
  • What is needed in terms of Data?
  • What software is needed?
  • What funding is needed?
  • What is the outcome?

Possible Outcome:

  • Possible breaking into Parts.
  • Movement of black box in Water.
  • Post-disaster studies.

What funding is needed?

  • Funding for CFD/FEA Software.
  • Funding for hardware: hpc.
  • Funding for Engineers.
  • Funding for data management.
  • Funding for project management.
  • Funding for Extra code writing.


Direct Cash Deposit in our bank account, Don Computing, Australia
Bank: National Australia Bank, SBS: 082637, Account Number: 165209347For donate online, click here.

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