CAESES is a free version of the commercial CFD integration platform FSYS which has been developed for simulation-driven design of flow-exposed surfaces.

Parametric CAD

CAESES is a parametric CAD tool,
developed to model and preprocess geometry for CFD analysis


CAESES is an automation platform
for seamless integration of CAD and CFD

Variant Management

CAESES offers variant management & CFD post-processing
for convenient design comparison


CAESES addresses

¦Users of both open source and commercial CFD codes to bridge the gap between geometric modeling, geometry variation and CFD analysis
¦Developers of CFD tools and researchers in fluid dynamics to use CAESES as their front end for code validation, result comparison and parametric studies of CFD settings and design variants
¦CFD consultants to utilize CAESES as a convenient environment to showcase the product improvements they could achieve
¦CFD users to accelerate their CFD preprocessing tasks
¦Entrepreneurs to generate new business by developing parametric models, optimization set ups and automation features and, thus, position themselves as consultants to users of the Pro Edition of CAESES, the FSYS-Framework.

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