FEA User Forum

This a user forum of FEA users all over the world. Software users like “ADINA” “Advance Design BIM” “ALGOR” “Altair HyperWorks” “ANSA:” “ANSYS:” “COMSOL Multiphysics” “Creo Elements / Pro Mechanica:” “Diffpack” “Diana” “Falcon2.0 :” “FEFLOW:” “Femap,” “FEM” “FEMtools,” “FENSAP-ICE” “FlexPDE” “Flux” “Genie:” “HydroGeoSphere” “HyperSizer” “Infolytica MagNet” “JMAG” “LINKpipe” “LS-DYNA” “LUSAS” “MADYMO” “MSC” “Nastran” “Nautics 3D Beam” “Nastran/EM” “NEi Fusion, NEi Software” “NEi Nastran, NEi Software” “NEi Works, NEi Software” “NISA” “PAK” “Plaxis” “PZFlex” “Quickfield ” “Radioss” “Range Software” “RFEM” “SAMCEF” “SAP2000” “STRAND7” “StressCheck” “Vector Fields Concerto” “Vector Fields Opera” “Vflo” “Zébulon”  and or code developers (using matlab, maple, mathematica, C++, fortran) can post question and answers with image and video and case and data file in this forum.

The area should cover (not limited to):

  • Stress on Pressure vessels

  • Stress on Boilers

  • Structural analysis on heated bodies.

  • Thermal Analysis, Fatigue analysis

  • Importing 2-D scan data and make 3-D models for  solid (FEA) simulation.

  • Hollow Flange Beams analysis.

  • Cold-formed Steel Building System analysis.

  • Steel Roof and Wall Cladding Systems analysis.

  • Multi-physics numerical solvers development of FEA.

  • Crack tracing in solid structure.

  • Fluid Structure Interaction analysis.

  • Thermal stress along with fluid structure analysis.

  • Thermal stresses develop during the solidification process.

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