This a user forum of FEA users all over the world.

Software users like “ECLISPE” “PIPESIM” “OLGA” “PIPEFLO” “FORGAS” “IMEX, STARS, GEM” “MoReS” “PSIM” “3DSL” “IPOS” and or code developers (using matlab, maple, mathematica, C++, fortran) can post question and answers with image and video and case and data file in this forum.

The area should cover (not limited to):

  • Water cut limit (well GL requirements) in pipe.

  • Fluids and compositional tracking.

  • Pipeline profile modeling.

  • Prediction of hydrodynamic slugging in pipe.

  • Minimum gas rate to unload well.

  • Wax deposition in pipe and well.

  • Gas lift (steady state and dynamic) in well.

  • Hydrates and MEG tracking.

  • Flow of emulsions and foams.

  • The injection of chemical additives.

  • In-situ precipitation of waxes and asphaltenes.

  • Reservoir optimization.

  • Multiple phase envelopes.

  • VFP (vertical flow performance).

  • Connect to OFM (Oil Field Manager) for deeper study.

  • Artificial lift and ESP (Electrical Submersible pumps).

  • Design new and existing wells.

  • Three-phase mechanistic multiphase flow models (LedaFlow Point Model).

  • Improved corrosion modelling.

  • Viscosity corrections for surface pumps to model diluents.

  • Multiple SCAL analysis at the same time.

  • Validated the models with experimental data.

  • Oil-water / gasoil /gas-water experiments (imbibitions & drainage).

  • History matching.

  • SCAL simulation studies.

  • Integration with Geomodel.

  • Advanced simulation studies for specific reservoir features.

  • 3D models of petrophysical properties using well logs.

  • Wide range of gridding and upscaling.

  • Advanced deck management.

  • Aquifer and thermal modelling.

  • Used enhanced completions design module.

  • Reconstruction of 3d rock models.

  • Visualization of virtual cores.

  • Mesh reconstruction: segmentation, 3D surface, 3D volumetric mesh.

  • Preprocessing data for numerical simulation.

  • Animation of solved numerical simulation.

  • Intensive secondary variables computation.

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