EOR User Forum

This a user forum of FEA users all over the world.

Software users like “ECLISPE” “PIPESIM” “OLGA” “PIPEFLO” “FORGAS” “IMEX, STARS, GEM” “MoReS” “PSIM” “3DSL” “IPOS”¬†and or code developers (using matlab, maple, mathematica, C++, fortran) can post question and answers with image and video and case and data file in this forum.

The area should cover (not limited to):

  • Water cut limit (well GL requirements) in pipe.

  • Fluids and compositional tracking.

  • Pipeline profile modeling.

  • Prediction of hydrodynamic slugging in pipe.

  • Minimum gas rate to unload well.

  • Wax deposition in pipe and well.

  • Gas lift (steady state and dynamic) in well.

  • Hydrates and MEG tracking.

  • Flow of emulsions and foams.

  • The injection of chemical additives.

  • In-situ precipitation of waxes and asphaltenes.

  • Reservoir optimization.

  • Multiple phase envelopes.

  • VFP (vertical flow performance).

  • Connect to OFM (Oil Field Manager) for deeper study.

  • Artificial lift and ESP (Electrical Submersible pumps).

  • Design new and existing wells.

  • Three-phase mechanistic multiphase flow models (LedaFlow Point Model).

  • Improved corrosion modelling.

  • Viscosity corrections for surface pumps to model diluents.

  • Multiple SCAL analysis at the same time.

  • Validated the models with experimental data.

  • Oil-water / gasoil /gas-water experiments (imbibitions & drainage).

  • History matching.

  • SCAL simulation studies.

  • Integration with Geomodel.

  • Advanced simulation studies for specific reservoir features.

  • 3D models of petrophysical properties using well logs.

  • Wide range of gridding and upscaling.

  • Advanced deck management.

  • Aquifer and thermal modelling.

  • Used enhanced completions design module.

  • Reconstruction of 3d rock models.

  • Visualization of virtual cores.

  • Mesh reconstruction: segmentation, 3D surface, 3D volumetric mesh.

  • Preprocessing data for numerical simulation.

  • Animation of solved numerical simulation.

  • Intensive secondary variables computation.

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