EOR Modeling Software

Don Computing is in discussion to distribute a reservoir simulation software X which is a multiphase simulator applied to both dynamic and steady state scenario. Transportation of transient CO2 in pipeline is most accurately predicted by software X for safer design and operation. The followings can be performed but not limited to:

  • VFP (vertical flow performance) data for the X software.

  • Connect to OFM (Oil Field Manager) for deeper study.

  • Design new and existing wells (horizontal/vertical/multilateral).

  • EOR simulation for CO2 injection.

  • Vertical or non-vertical equilibrium CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

  • Chemical EOR technologies, including alkaline surfactant polymer flooding.

  • Gas injection to increase or maintain reservoir pressure.

  • Wax deposition in pipe and well.

  • Gas lift (steady state and dynamic) in well.

  • Water cut limit (well GL requirements) in pipe.

  • Prediction of hydrodynamic slugging in pipe.

  • Minimum gas rate to unload well.

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